5 in 1 Mango Dessert Recipe with Bloopers!

It’s gonna be a long hot summer y’all! Let’s chill out with a quick dessert recipe that will cool you, and your guests in a healthy, refreshing way!


2 mangoes

1 chobani 0% plain greek yogurt

sweetener of your choice (optional)

a blender/ninja/processor

Prep time: 5-10 mins.

Makes about 2 cups.

Different ways to enjoy it:

1. Chill the mangoes before making and eat as is!

2. Freeze for 2 hours and eat as mango fro-yo.

3. Blend with ice and/or juice/milk for a refreshing smoothie.

4.  Pour in an ice tray, add some popsicle sticks and freeze completely for mini icepops. (2-4 hrs depending on size)

5. Pour it over ice-cream or fruit bowls.

Stay hot!


Vegan Mexican Meal: Enfrijoladas & Nopalitos (cactus leaves)

Today I’m going to show you how you can modify some meals’ ingredients to fit a vegan diet!

Wether it’s for ethical or health reasons or you just want to try having a vegan meal once in a while, there are ways to do it.

A couple of tips:

– Substitute mayo, spreads, cheeses and creams with avocado. It adds a creamy texture with much less saturated fat and more nutritional value. (This is also a good way to cut fat and useless calories from your diet, wether or not you’re trying a vegan lifestyle).

– To make sure you get all the complete proteins you need, always combine grains and legumes. They complement each other to form the complex proteins that meats have in them. For example (like in this recipe) beans and tortillas, whole grain toast and peanut butter (yes, peanuts are legumes, not nuts), rice and beans, etc… Look up grains and legumes and come up with your own combination!

– Some think that just by going vegan or vegetarian, you are automatically healthier… Well, you’re not if you fry everything and add tons of oils to meals or overeat. Fill up mostly on fruits and veggies and limit the fats! That goes for vegans and omnivores alike!




– 1 can fat free refried beans                                                – 6 tortillas

(or 1 cup home made refried beans w/out oil)             – 1 tbsp oil to brown tortillas

– salt, pepper, cumin and/or other spices                       – water to dilute beans



– 1 lb cactus leaves, washed and sliced                            – 1/2 onion, chopped medium

– 2 roma tomatoes chopped medium                                – 1 cup chopped cilantro

– 2 cups button mushrooms, sliced                                   – 2 tbsp oil


Makes 2 servings.

Prep time 5 mins. Cook time: 15 mins.


Meal: 560 cals/ serving

Enfrijoladas: 478 cals/ serving

Nopalitos: 83 cals/ serving

Quick & easy thin crust pizza



– 2 cups whole grain flour – 1 tbsp baking powder
– 1 egg – 1/2 tbsp salt
– 2 tbsp oil – 1 tbsp yeast
– 3/4 cup warm water – herbs / spices to taste


– 2 8oz. cans tomato sauce – 2 tbsp oil
– 1 tbsp flour – 1 tbsp oregano
– salt & pepper to taste


– 3 oz cheese
– Any veggies and/or lean meats you want

Prep time: 30 mins. Bake time 20 mins.
Makes 2 medium thin crust pizzas / 1 extra large one.


Crust + sauce = 96 cals/ serving
Crust +sauce+cheese= 117 cals/serving

This exact recipe:
veggie slice: 126 cals/serving
tuna slice: 148 cals/serving