5 in 1 Mango Dessert Recipe with Bloopers!

It’s gonna be a long hot summer y’all! Let’s chill out with a quick dessert recipe that will cool you, and your guests in a healthy, refreshing way!


2 mangoes

1 chobani 0% plain greek yogurt

sweetener of your choice (optional)

a blender/ninja/processor

Prep time: 5-10 mins.

Makes about 2 cups.

Different ways to enjoy it:

1. Chill the mangoes before making and eat as is!

2. Freeze for 2 hours and eat as mango fro-yo.

3. Blend with ice and/or juice/milk for a refreshing smoothie.

4.  Pour in an ice tray, add some popsicle sticks and freeze completely for mini icepops. (2-4 hrs depending on size)

5. Pour it over ice-cream or fruit bowls.

Stay hot!